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My creative interest started many years ago. I have always been fascinated by painting and found great pleasure in exploring my creativity. First through flower decoration and flower arranging but the last 13 years painting has taken most of my free time.
Throughout the years I have regularly received tutoring and I have participated in various courses to further develop my skills and learn new techniques.
My art is very varied as I prefer the freedom to experiment and the images arise from a given mood or situation. I try not to set any restrictions in my creativity and I enjoy trying many different techniques in my work. Consequently, each painting get a different expression. I mostly use acrylic paint with many layers on top of each other and sometimes combined with silk paper to create depths and contours in the paintings.
Elzbieta Christiansen  | Tlf.: +45 26 11 05 30 | elzbieta_c@hotmail.com